Présentation "Samira Haddouchi"
Samira Haddouchi has from the beginning of its presence on the scene of the Moroccan fashion talent laid bare its roots in the great classic of the caftan.

Yet this is not the (classic caftan) found in her home, but a revised and corrected, revealing unbridled imagination, daring and powerful hamonisant traditional forms and the stroke of the chisel stylist adventuress the lady who is not afraid of anything, nor surprise, nor détranger, asymmetrical neckline susperposition different lengths, mixing unusual colors ... A wind of freedom and enthusiasm kept circling the envelope Samira Haddouchi.

Still a young stylist outcome of this new wave of designers whose fashion Moroccan can enorguellir. Serenity, but also swept conformism imperceptibly pampered ... these are passions that lead to reflection and denote hand guided by the spirit.